Installation Guidelines

The installation procedure of Win-Win Boards is similar to common plaster and fiber cement boards.

1. Cutting

Win-Win Boards can be cut very easily with a carbide tip knife or any timber tools. Fine cuts can be made by using fine toothed saw. Place the smooth surface up and support the board throughout while cutting the boards. Drills, hole saw or jig saw may be used for creating service holes. Dust extraction is advised for high volume cutting/machining.

2. Fixing

The fixing types used when installing Win-Win Boards are important since the support of joints and stability of a structure depends on the fixing. Following requirements should meet the fixing style:
 Fasteners should be 10-20 mm from any edge. The nominal centers of fixing are at 200 mm – 300 mm. fasteners should be installed over a supporting structure.
 Screws not to be installed at 45º angles on corners. Also the screws should sink into the face of the board up to 0.5 mm.
 Stainless steel and anti-rust nails and screws are recommended. For pneumatic nailing SS 304 nails are recommended.
 Board ends must be supported by joists.
 Adhesive fixing is also possible.

3. Jointing

Win-Win Boards may be butt jointed. For seamless finish, boards should be gapped at joints by 3 mm, later these joints can be filled as per standard dry wall procedure. For external or extremely wet areas suitable joint fillers should be used for seamless finish.

4. Decoration

The smooth surface on one side of Win-Win Boards is ready for wallpapers, painting and fabricating with veneer, stone, laminating or vinyl covering. The fiber glass mesh textured finish on the reverse side allows for easy pasting of tiles, wall paper or laminates.
It is advisable to check with the tiles, adhesives and paint manufacturers for the compatibility with Win-Win Boards surface.

5. Storage

  • Win-Win Boards should preferably be stored indoor and direct exposure to rain should be avoided.
  • Can be stored outside with suitable protection or covering.
  •  To avoid potential damage, Win-Win Boards should be kept on a dry and flat surface and a clean area to be kept around the stack.
  • Win-Win Boards should not be stacked upright, but rather, laid flat.
  • Max. Height of each stack is approx. 800 mm on firm level ground. While stacking due care should be taken.

6. Maintenance

Not required


  • Win-Win Boards do not contain any carcinogenic material. However a dust mask is always recommended during machining and cutting and sanding operations.
  • The use of gloves is suggested to avoid abrasion injuries.
  • Avoid handling Win-Win Boards panels when being wet .Allow to dry before applying joint finishing materials.
  • Win-Win Boards are not recommended for overhanging cantilevers.
  • Win-Win Boards are not recommended for prolonged immersing in water but can be exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolonged periods of time. When immersed in water they will not disintegrate but their strength will be degraded.
  • Where exposed to water, Win-Win Boards must be sealed or painted to preclude water absorption. Untreated surface will absorb water which cause some loss of strength but full strength is regained after drying.
  • When drilling Win-Win Boards, do not use hammer action.

* Please do not attempt installation before verifying whether the site conditions are favorable for installation or not.